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Bloodlines Fred DAguiar


Fred DAguiar

Published June 25th 2001
ISBN : 9781585671564
160 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Moving from the Civil War to the present day, Bloodlines follows the lives of five characters: Tom and Stella, runaway slaves now part of the Underground Railroad- Faith, a black slave- her white lover Christy- and their son-the narrator-who knows neither of his parents because, by the time he is born Faith has been sold back into slavery and dies in childbirth, and Christy has been indentured as a boxer in a traveling fair. Cursed by the thwarted love of his parents, the narrator is condemned to bare witness until the races become equal, and he speaks to us, from our own age, of his quest for freedom. Using the intimate rhyme scheme of Byrons great picaresque Don Juan, and the narrative devices of Pushkins enduring Eugene Onegin, DAguiar wittily plays with language to create poetry dazzling in its inventiveness and wonder. Bloodlines is a stunning achievement from a young but masterful poet and storyteller, and an intimate book with an epic reach.